1.Get sleep, but don’t oversleep – We all need that recovery sleep, but don’t get more than your 7-8hrs! Come Monday morning you’ll pay for it, your body will expect the same treatment, which will make it almost impossible to get up and ready for work on time.


2. Keep your eating clean – Don’t let those gainz go to the wayside by devouring ALL the crap you couldn’t during the week, it’s called self-sabotage! You worked to hard to continue starting over every Monday or see little change because you binged.


3. Stop rushing – It’s the weekend, no need to rush through your workouts or miss the details, time is on your side.

4. Take it outside – Here’s your chance to change it up, no sense in looking at the same boring gym if you don’t have too. This will also force you to think outside the box and train differently which keeps your body guessing and in return keeps the gainz coming.


5, Self-evaluation – Did you truly get in all your meals through the week? Or did you fall behind on your calorie intake? Either way, use the weekend to make those adjustments, which may mean you can have a Cheat Meal, not a Cheat Weekend! Or you may have to throttle back on what you’re eating because you went all out all weekend.


6. What’s the upcoming week hold for you – If you have a busy week coming up, now’s the time to plan how you’ll attack the week! Don’t let laziness get in the way of killing it and staying on track with personal and fitness goals.


7. Focus – Do some reflecting over the past week or even month. If you haven’t hit your goals, there maybe times where your consistency wasn’t there, and you were more like a yo-yo on your diet and commitments. Re-evaluate and focus on the upcoming week so your new changes will stick.


8. Keep your drinks at a minimum – Many of us just want to let our hair down and grab a drink after a long week, but keep it to a minimum, even if it’s just soda! Don’t wreck all that hard work over a night of fun.


9. Relax – If you’ve had a crazy week, it’s time to reset. Find time through the weekend to truly relax and just enjoy life. We’re all extremely busy these days and forget to smell the roses along the way. Don’t miss out on life, we only get one, enjoy it!


10. Monday Accountability – A great way to see where you ended up with these weekend tips is to hop on a scale Monday morning! It’s a great visual to the chaos you might normally put yourself through during a regular weekend, compare them and see just how much change can come from just a few TIPS.


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