Did you say fruits burn fat? YES! They actually do, and I'm gonna give you 5 examples that you can go out get right now to not only help you burn FAT, but to help change things up. I'm sure you're tired of chicken, rice and veggies only, this should add that something different to keep you motivated!


1. KIWI - Contains an enzyme known as actinidain, which aids in digestion of proteins in the body. The better your body breaks down food the easier it is to process. When your body isn't working properly and food doesn't get broken down it can slow down your metabolism, in turn slowing down your weight loss.


2. APPLES - Packed with flavonoids and fibers that increase your body's ability to burn belly fat. Also rich in pectin fiber that breaks down slowly and makes you feel full longer. The fuller you are the less you'll binge. Apples are also low in calories and sugar, which makes it ideal for weight loss.


3. TOMATO - Tomatoes help stimulate the production of an amino acid called carnitine, which plays a crucial role in regulating fatty acid, which can help increase your energy and metabolism. Tomatoes are enriched with 9-oxo-ODA that helps decrease lipids in blood and keep you on track for healthy weight loss.


4. GUAVA - Loaded with dietary fibers that help keep you satisfied and prevent bingeing. The glycemic index of guava is very low, which enables slow release of sugar in the bloodstream. While this promotes better insulin response, it also helps with weight management too.


5. STRAWBERRIES - Low in calories, a 100gm serving of strawberries contain just 33 calories. They also contain certain flavonoids that increase production of adiponectin, a hormone that stimulates fat burning. 


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