Can I workout on the WEEKENDS only? Click here (3min Read)

Can I workout on the WEEKENDS only? Click here (3min Read)


YES! You can work out on just the weekends and keep up with your fitness goals. 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity on the weekends not only significantly lowers your chances of chronic illness, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, but also increases your overall health in general. So, if you are that person who can get a workout in because of your schedule, just know being a WEEKEND WARRIOR can still make a huge impact.


Saturday Workout


-10min warmup run/jog

-Full Body workout

-Bench presses
-Leg presses or squats
-Lat pulldowns
-Dumbbell curls
-Back extensions or seated pulley rows
-Two sets of 15 crunches to work your abdominals

Sunday Workout


-Cardio - 30-45min

This sample program should get you started in the right direction. Every weekend, just change up the exercises for full body to make sure you're getting each body part and make sure to do your cardio! Again, you can achieve fitness goals and increase your health drastically on a plan like this, you just have to stay committed.



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