Do I really need BCAAs?

Do I really need BCAAs?

Do I really need BCAAs?


BCAA’s have been a hot topic in the fitness world for quite some time, but do you really need them? In my opinion, it can take your C game to an A game, and that’s a game changer all by itself. I compiled my TOP 5 reasons BCAA’s can truly benefit you

  1. Build more muscle – Probably the #1 reason BCAAs are consumed are to pack on solid quality muscle, and no ladies, just because you consume BCAAs doesn’t mean you’ll look like Ronnie Coleman in his heyday, it just means all the hard work you’re putting into the gym won’t be wasted! Leucine has been scientifically proven to increase muscle protein synthesis, which in turn helps your muscles recover and build.
  2. Say GOODBYE to Muscle Soreness – When you’re on a solid workout routine it’s not unheard of to feel extreme muscle soreness when you’re really pushing yourself, BCAAs not only reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), but also reduces how long DOMS will last. I know I don’t usually return to the gym when I’m that sore for a few days, looks like BCAAs will get me back in there faster, meaning I’ll stay on track with my fitness goals.
  3. Less Burnout – Ever get that super tired feeling after a few sets? That fatigue or exhaustion can lead to a terrible gym session and zero gainz! Of course, these issues can also be caused by poor diet or a poor workout regimen, but if you don’t fall into those 2 categories then what traditionally happens is the body begins to use up your body’s natural BCAA’s, we want to combat that, so as we increase our BCAAs prior to our gym session, not only will we be less tired, but we also gain more FOCUS.
  4. Less Muscle Loss – No one wants to hear these words, Muscle Loss! But it can happen with bad nutrition, by not feeding our bodies correctly you could lose weight and muscle. This happens because protein breakdown is happening faster than your muscle protein synthesis. To combat this, you need a boost of BCAAs to increase your muscle protein synthesis to stay ahead of the protein breakdown that wreaks havoc on our muscle.
  5. Healthy Liver – Just saying healthy liver should be important to you. Many of us are usually taking supplements, and a lot of people are very religious when it comes their supplement regime, but are you taking care or your LIVER? Most of us don’t really think about the damage we put our liver through, but rest assured, BCAAs have been shown to help decrease the damage.



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